Modern Midwifery in a Hygge Setting

Hygge Birth and Baby offers midwife care, acupuncture, chirporactic care, water birth, doula services, and much more.

Denver’s new Hygge Birth and Baby provides prenatal and postpartum midwife care, doula services, 4 birthing suites with water birth tubs, acupuncture, chiropractic care, lactation support, parenting and childbirth classes, and a supportive community to meet your every need during your entire journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Not only does Hygge Birth and Baby offer a holistic midwifery approach to birth for new and expanding families, we also support ALL families through their journey from before, during and after you welcome baby home. Whether you are planning to give birth at the hospital, home or in our amazing birth center, our exceptional care team of midwives, doulas, holistic care providers, family support counselors and educators are here for you and your family.


Our birth center is located in east Denver’s Lowry neighborhood.

Why We’re Special

Discover what makes us a unique option among Denver birth centers.

Our midwives, doulas, and natural care providers work together for you.

Comprehensive Care

Your midwife and other care providers are on the same team in the same location.

Birth center births, home birth doulas, and hospital birth support are available through our Birth Center.

A Birth Center and More

More than birth center, we are a safe and nurturing wellness center for the whole family!

The 20th baby delivered at our center was Tory Tynan, daughter of co-founder Miki Tynan

Why Birth Centers are a Great Choice

Pregnancy and childbirth are healthy, normal life events for most women and babies. In birth centers, midwives and staff hold to the "wellness" model of birth, which means that they provide continuous, supportive care and interventions are used only when medically necessary.

Birth centers are universally committed to family-centered care. In birth centers, the childbearing woman’s right to be the decision-maker about her birth is fully respected. For example, at birth centers, women are encouraged to eat if they are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub as they wish, and push in whatever positions they find most comfortable. Birth centers recognize that the mother knows what her body needs to give birth. The midwives and staff attend to her needs, while diligently monitoring to ensure everything stays within the realm of wellness.

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