Giving birth at a birth center offers families a physiological birth experience in a safe and home like atmosphere. Our team of midwives, nurses, and doulas are here to support you and your family through your pregnancy, labor and birth. This is the SAME team that cares for you during your entire pregnancy. As you labor at our center you are welcome to include family members in the process, or have them wait for you in our cozy living room area. We welcome whomever you’d like to have present for the occasion.

Hygge Birth and Baby Center offers 4 luxurious birthing suites. Each suite with its unique theme and style includes a large birthing tub and private bathroom with all the amenities and the feel of a spa. All necessary medical equipment and supplies are available in the birth suites to ensure a safe and secure birth center delivery for you and your baby.

Our center also offers nitrous oxide for pain relief to be used during the most difficult parts of labor. The use of nitrous is a safe and effective way to manage transition, when the contractions are the strongest. The nitrous oxide is a self-administered gas, that’s short acting and is not transferred to the baby, making it a safe pain relief option to use in a birth center setting.       

All of your prenatal care takes place at our birth center with your midwife team. We offer a few different options for your prenatal care schedule, and will discuss each with you at your initial appointment.

Birth care and delivery fee is $6800. Contact us to learn more about payment options and be sure to schedule a tour of our birth center!

Prenatal Care Schedules

We can follow a standard prenatal schedule, where you see your midwives every 4 weeks up until your third trimester. Once you reach 28 weeks you’ll come every 2 weeks, until your last month when you’ll be seen every week by your midwives.

We can also follow the European prenatal schedule, where you are seen once monthly until 36 weeks when you can be seen every 2 weeks.

Hygge Collaborative Care

Hygge Collaborative Care group visits are a great way to experience prenatal care, combining individual attention with support of others in the same stage of pregnancy. There has been fantastic research that shows clients who participate in group care have lower rates of preterm labor, are extremely educated and retain important information at higher rates than those in individual care! Hygge Collaborative Care is a unique opportunity to create community, share and learn from each other's personal experiences, and benefit from more in-depth education.

Once a month, you meet as a group with with other Hygge families who have similar due dates. The group is guided by one of our midwives along with a second team member. Within the 2 hour session, we educate the group on topics related to the group’s stage of pregnancy. Within the 2 hours, each client receives a short, private appointment to check in on baby, mom, and general health. During this time, clients can ask any questions or bring up concerns in confidence.

Hygge Collaborative Care is an addition to your experience at the center, not a replacement for personal care. You are always free to schedule an individual appointment outside of group care to address problems or concerns. And, as you near your due date from 36 weeks on we schedule you for individual visits with a midwife every 2 weeks between group visits.

Partners are very much encouraged to attend! We plan the sessions around partner attendance and additionally welcome all friends or family members who want to tag along, too. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare and do not open up group care to little ones. We want you to be able focus on this special pregnancy without distraction during group visits and hence ask you find childcare. Once groups get started, families with kids are free to connect and share childcare if they would like.


Additional Services

We believe every family deserves a customized approach to their birth. Hygge Birth and Baby Center offers all of our additional services on an a la carte basis. If you are delivering at Hygge Birth and Baby, additional services are discounted up to 20%. For more information, please email or give us a call (720) 464-7599.

Highlights of Additional Services -

Childbirth Education

We offer several classes related to childbirth.

Birth Photos

A complete photo session with a skilled photographer documenting your experience through labor, birth and those precious moments when you and your baby first meet.

Working Mom Class

A two-hour group session designed to support working mothers prepare for balancing work, breastfeeding and baby care.

Hypno-Birthing Class

A two-hour group session designed to prepare you for deep relaxation during labor and birth.

Postpartum Doula Services

Includes 3 two-hour in-home visits with a certified postpartum doula to support you with baby care, breatfeeding, meals, and some laundry and care of older children.

Chiropractic Care

3 prenatal or postpartum adjustments with a chiropractor skilled in providing care to childbearing women.


3 prenatal or postpartum acupuncture sessions with an acupuncturist skilled in provideing care to childbearing women.