What Are the Most Popular Days of the Year to Conceive?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, romance, passion — couples the country over are pulling out all the stops to show their affection for each other tonight, and cliche says a lot of those dates will end in the bedroom. So Valentine’s Day must be one of the biggest nights of the year for conceptions, right?

Nope. A couple of years ago, the Atlantic looked at a chart of birthdays by popularity, and calculated what must be the most popular dates to conceive by walking back 38 weeks (the average length of a pregnancy in America) from each. Babies conceived on Valentine’s Day would likely be born on November 7, which is the 236th most popular birthday of the year. Blame well-planned birth control or dashed expectations.

What are the most popular conception dates, then? December and early January are popular times to conceive in general — that’s why you likely know so many people with September birthdays. Christmas Eve is number one, and New Year’s Eve is number three. (And Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, at number four and number six, aren’t far behind.) October 15 (resulting in a July 8 birth) is the most popular date to conceive outside of that turn-of-the-year burst — maybe that’s a nod to cozying up during the first days of chilly fall. October 14, October 29, and November 19 also make the top 20.

The most unpopular birthdays in America are the days surrounding Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and then other holidays, like July 4 and October 31. If you’re a contrarian, and you’d like to have your child on an unpopular day for births but you also want to avoid a potential holiday baby, you’ll want to get busy on April 25. January 9 — when your baby would likely be born — is the 351st most popular birthday -- which is not very popular at all.

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