Mariel Ross serves an Inside Scoop on Hygge!

Hygge Birth and Baby - New Option for Neighborhood Moms!

Posted by Mariel Megan Ross on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Last week, we had the pleasure of giving Stapleton Scoop blogger Mariel Ross a tour of the center, which was broadcast on Facebook Live. This week, we’re celebrating her wonderful post welcoming Hygge Birth and Baby to Denver’s east side.

“Hygge is more than just a birthing center. Hygge is a community for soon-to-be and new moms.” She really captured all that we’re about, writing from her perspective as a mother of two who is currently pregnant.

Read her post on the Stapleton Scoop.

Curious about all the services Hygge provides? Schedule a complimentary tour of the center! Whether you’re planning your family or simply looking for wellness care in the Stapleton/Lowry area, we have something for you!