Our Birth Center

Experience the warm, welcoming comfort of the Hygge environment. Our birth and baby center gives Denver’s families a beautiful, warm and welcoming place to come be cared for by a community of caregivers and educators. Our birth and baby center is designed to be your home away from home, your community, your safe and nurturing space; no matter where you want to deliver.


Experience Hygge for You, Your Family, and Your Baby

Hygge Birth and Baby Center features a team of multidisciplinary practitioners including midwives, doulas, nurses, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, acupuncturists, and family counselors all here to support you in every aspect of your journey from conception to parenting, Hygge creates a community to support you and a place that you only have to share your story once.  The Hygge environment is warm and welcoming, beautiful and cozy, embracing you and your family every step of the way.

Our center features four uniquely beautiful, spacious birthing suites, each with a large birthing tub, private bath and queen sized bed. Cozy linens, dimmable ambient light and a sofa in each suite add to the spa-like feel and comfort of the Hygge birthing suites.

Prenatal care is provided by our midwives in our private exam rooms, and at times we use an unoccupied birthing suite for exams allowing you to familiarize yourself with the suites before your birth.

Our center has a cozy family area complete with kitchen, living/ dining area and fireplace. There’s also a play area for children. You and your family are welcome to use the family area whenever you are at the center and especially while you’re in labor and recovering from your birth at the center.

Our center offers a large classroom where you’ll find events, support groups and classes relevant to you and your expanding family. We also carry products recommended by your care team that you’ll need during your pregnancy, and for baby after the birth.