Our Comprehensive Care Team

Our on-site team includes midwives, doulas, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractic care, massage therapy,  family counselors, lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators and more, all working together to support you and your family through every aspect of your experience. We are all in one location!


Anne Willits

Lead Certified Nurse Midwife and Clinical Director

Anne has been working in women’s health for over 25 years. She deeply cares about creating an atmosphere where families and women are the center of their pregnancy. Anne graduated with honors from Fairfield university with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She would go on to work in cardiology and medicine before finding her passion, caring for women during their child birth experiences.  Anne began her advanced practice nursing career as a Perinatal Nurse Practitioner with a Masters degree from Regis University and then a few years later completed Courses in Midwifery from Colorado Health Sciences Center. She thoroughly enjoys being present to educate and care for families before and during their birthing experiences.

Before working for a local Denver hospital, Anne worked transporting mothers with pregnancy complications from rural CO, WY, NE and MT via Air Life to Denver Hospitals. Calming and educating them as they flew through the skies to a hospital that could care for their special and quiet often early babies.

Anne is involved with ACNM at our local level and annually attends the Midwifery convention. She loves learning new approaches to midwifery and keeping current with practice changes.

Anne has lived her adult life in Denver and is an avid skier.  She met her husband volunteering in the Sit Ski program at Winter Parks National Sports Center for the Disabled and they continue to teach skiing for the Eskimo ski program.  They have two girls from China and Anne is a volunteer director for Chinese Heritage Camp. As a family they enjoy biking and hiking in our fantastic Colorado weather.

Midwife Tiffany Buss and her family.

Tiffany Buss


Tiffany is excited to be joining the Hygge Birth and Baby team. She has been working in the birth center setting since 2007 and is thrilled for the opportunity for women to receive the holistic and integrative care available to families at Hygge. Tiffany is passionate about providing care in a way that is truly woman and family focused; in a way that your needs and desires are heard and respected. She believes in empowering women and families to be the leaders in the decisions concerning their health and the birth of their children. She is humbled to be invited into the intimate space where families are born. She looks forward to walking with you during this incredible, life-changing journey.

Tiffany received her undergraduate nursing degree from Regis University in May 2002. Since that time she has worked in partnership with women and children. In 2012 she earned her Masters of Science in Nursing (Nurse Midwifery) from Frontier Nursing University.

On Saturdays you can find Tiffany and her family enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather on horseback. Through the week her daughters keep her and her husband busy with their extracurricular activities but nothing warms Tiffany’s heart more than the special moments spent together at the end of the day.

Stormy Dupree is a Ceritified Nurse Midwife at Hygge Birth and Baby.

Stormy Dupree

RN, Student Certified Nurse Midwife

Stormy has been working with pregnant women and newborns in different capacities for the last 16 years. She has a Bachelor’s of nursing from Rutgers University and is now on her way to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife at Frontier Nursing University. Most of her profession has been spent working with families in the hospital setting as a labor and delivery nurse and lactation consultant. Within that setting, her focus has always been women and families at the center of her care while empowering women and trusting in their intuitive understanding of their body and their baby’s needs. She is very excited to be working at Hygge where women, families and community are truly supported in this incredibly transforming life event.

A lifelong lover of nature and the outdoors, Stormy can often be found on the trails of the Western Slopes. She has a strong yoga practice and dances within a conscious dance community that she has been involved with for many years. Her two grown daughters live in the Northwest, and are pursuing careers in Law and Accounting, which surprises her daily.

Stormy has volunteered at on orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala and volunteers here in Denver at Project Cure which sends birthing kits to Birth assistants in many different developing countries. Her ultimate aspiration is to take her skills to communities of need around the globe.

Nurse Thalia Carpenter, part of the Hygge Birth and Baby Team

Tahlia Carpenter


Tahlia got her start in healthcare assisting a local homebirth midwife while attending nursing school. She fell in love with the holistic approach to watching both babies and mothers being born. After nursing school, she spent 2 years working as a respiratory nurse caring for cystic fibrosis patients. Following this, Tahlia spent 3 years in a high level neonatal intensive care unit caring for the tiniest of babies.

With the opening of Hygge, Tahlia felt an overwhelming pull to return to birth work, and is thrilled to be working at a center that so closely aligns with her own approach to motherly autonomy and trust of the birth process.

Tahlia grew up in Aurora, and met her husband here doing martial arts (they are both third degree black belts!) She has 2 young boys who keep her very busy and are the light of her life. Tahlia loves being outside, crafting, reading and just being with the people she loves.

Student Certified Nurse Midwife and Registered Nurse Olivia Rowland and her dog on top of a mountain.

Olivia Rowland

RN, Student Certified Nurse Midwife

For as long as she can remember, Olivia has had a special place in her heart for all things pregnancy and childbirth. After completing her nursing degree at Hope College in 2017 and working as a birth assistant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Olivia decided to jump right into midwifery and began her first year at the University of Colorado Certified Nurse Midwife Masters Program in 2018. Olivia is passionate about providing a nurturing, loving space for pregnant moms and their supporters, and doing all that she can to make their childbirth experience an empowering and rewarding one.

Dr. Melissa Schiefer is the chiropractor at the Hygge Birth Center in Denver.

Dr. Melissa Schiefer


Dr. Melissa found a passion for working with mommas, infants and kiddos while in Chiropractic school and has never looked back. She quickly learned that Chiropractic care helps to support families through healthy pregnancies, natural births and beyond, by emphasizing the bodies ability to heal itself and its inherent recuperative power. In 2017 she went on to become Certified in Webster Technique, care that is specially designed for women during pregnancy, and is currently pursuing her certification in Pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), which she hopes to have completed by late 2018.

Furthermore, after graduating from Chiropractic school she then went on to take courses in Natural Infertility Care, which encompasses 8 essentials to help get your body healthy and prepare you for the upcoming journey that is pregnancy.  Dr. Melissa is also certified in Acupuncture through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is looking to complete her diploma in the near future. Being originally from Michigan she loves the outdoors and in her spare time you will find her hiking, watching hockey and listening to Jazz with her husband.


Ashley E. Walsh

Lactation Consultant

Ashley became inspired to work as a Lactation Consultant after having two vastly different breastfeeding experiences with her own children, Lola age 9, and Avery age 5. Having a background in the creative arts, it was clear that the process of becoming a Lactation Consultant would not be a simple one. Nevertheless, she persisted, and over the course of two years completed her education and internship, during which she completed over 500 hours working with hundreds of mothers and infants. Since becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Ashley has continued her dedication to helping families using evidence and research based practices in a compassionate way through her private lactation consulting business, and is thrilled to join Hygge Birth and Baby in supporting and empowering the community.

As an IBCLC, Ashley has the skills to help mothers and families reach their personal breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. Her areas of expertise include helping mothers and infants achieve and maintain a pain-free latch, assessing and treating low milk supply, creating comprehensive individualized care plans, offering thorough return to work education and support, and much more. Her philosophy is that breastfeeding can be an enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling experience when families have a positive support network, and that the benefits of mother’s milk are immeasurable. She is here to empower you with the confidence to trust in your body and your baby, and to support you through every step of your breastfeeding journey.


Sarah Lopez

Hygge Doula

Sarah Lopez has been a certified DONA birth doula since May of 2016. She has attended a variety of births including unique situations such as twins and surrogacy. She was one of the first doulas to be a part of the Denver Health Doula Program, Colorado’s first hospital based volunteer doula program. Sarah also works with a program through Children’s Hospital that provides doula support for pregnant women that have immune deficiency disorders. In March of 2017 she began to work with the Nurse Recovery Program at Lutheran Medical Center. A doula for every person is Sarah’s passion and it shows in the variety of families that she provides services to.

Most importantly, she is a mother of two active teenagers. Baseball, volleyball and band activities keep the whole family busy. Sarah is working to finish her Psychology degree with plans to began working for a Certified Addictions Counselor certificate in the Spring of 2018.

Michelle Murray runs the education program at Hygge Birth and Baby.

Michelle Murray

CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator

Michelle grew up below sea level in New Orleans, met her Colorado native husband in college, and eventually accompanied him up to the mountains. They have two young daughters so far, and Michelle spends most of her time caring for them when she isn’t reading, lifting weights, or cooking. She also serves on the board of The Gathering Place, a daytime, drop-in center for women, children, and transgender individuals.

Michelle has focused her academic and professional life on health care quality and access. She graduated from Harvard University with her bachelor’s degree in sociology and a focus on health policy. After working in health care consulting for a few years, Michelle trained as a doula and then childbirth educator to more directly serve women and families. Michelle’s goal as an educator is to help women feel empowered as they begin their mothering journey. Through evidence-based classes and a nurturing, supportive attitude, she aims to reduce the anxiety that moms and families experience during pregnancy.


Megan Palsgrove

Family Services Coordinator

Megan Palsgrove is Hygge’s Family Services Coordinator. She works with families through challenging experiences such as adoption, surrogacy, postpartum and birth trauma.  Megan also connects our families to needed resources within the community.

Megan has many years of experience with children and families in education, social work, residential treatment care, and child care settings. She has extensive experience in navigating systems, collaborating with professionals, and advocating for individuals. She is looking forward to meeting new families and facilitating their unique birthing journey.

Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell, BS, NTP

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Lisa is a Certified Nutritional Therapist with extensive meditation and mindfulness training. Rooted in the belief that food is medicine, Lisa helps women to prepare their body for pregnancy, properly nourish themselves while they are growing baby, manage changing symptoms during pregnancy (digestion, energy levels, mood swings, morning sickness, sleep quality), and prepare for the postpartum transition.

Her company, Gentle Leaps, blossomed from her desire to inspire others to live more nourishing & connected lives. In her late 20s, she realized that she never learned how to truly take care of herself. She learned that she needed to take care of herself in a holistic way, rooted in fundamental kindness & gentleness. This led her out of an intense & stressful nine-year career as a financial planner, and into a contemplative inner practice at a Zen Buddhist monastery for five years. Now, as a Nutritional Therapist, she helps women uncover the root cause of their symptoms, determine what foods will nourish their unique bodies, and solve the mysteries so they can start to feel better each day.

Lisa is excited to be part of the holistic approach at Hygge. She is here to teach and support you to determine what foods will best nourish your body, manage pregnancy symptoms, and provide mindfulness and non-toxic living recommendations throughout your prenatal journey.

The Story of Hygge Birth and Baby

Tara and Miki met in 2006 while working at the same employee benefits firm. They became close friends and a second family to each other.  They also had a shared vision for empowering women, supporting communities and a desire to start a company that would have a lasting impact on the community.   After experiencing four very different births between the two of them, Tara and Miki found themselves serving as sounding boards for other women, and their passion for birth work began.  Bringing together their unique understanding from their own births with their passion and commitment for expanding choices available to women, they completed their doula certification and started working as doulas, helping women to create their own ideal birth experiences. As doulas they were immediately struck by how great the need for additional resources was for families.  Passionate about educating women about their health, pregnancies, choices in childbirth, breastfeeding and family life, they set out to create a company that had all the aspects of hygge.

Hygge, as Tara and Miki found, was the perfect word that describes the deep sense of peace that comes with being surrounded by relaxing settings, family, and love. Hygge Birth and Baby was born!

In addition to Hygge Birth and Baby,  Miki sits on the board for ACE Scholarships and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, and Tara sits on the board for Work Options for Women.

Tara Duncan.jpg

Tara Duncan

Owner, Co-Founder and Hygge Doula

Tara M. Duncan is a mother, attorney, doula and business woman who is passionate about empowering women, especially around birth and family. She recently resigned from the corporate world of Employment Law, where she primarily worked with Employee Health and Welfare Benefits to follow her passion for birth. Tara believes in empowering women through support and education before, during and after childbearing. She believes that empowered women, lead to empowered families and that is the foundation for an empowered community.

Tara and her husband Malik have two girls, Austin who is 9, and Evan who is 6.   Tara is the Vice-Chairman of the Board for Work Options for Women . She enjoys running, power yoga and experiencing as much Hygge as she can, as often as she can!

Miki Tynan.jpg

Miki Tynan

Owner, Co-founder and Hygge Doula

Miki B. Tynan is a mother, doula and business women who through many experiences and conversations about birth found her deep passion for providing women and their families with births of their own, not one that is defined for them by others. This drive compelled her to become a doula and then open Hygge Birth and Baby.  As a doula she works with families to bring their babies into the world each with their own unique birth story.  

Miki and her husband John have two boys, Chase who is 4 and Luke who is 2.  She enjoys sports, being with her boys, and participating in her nonprofits. She works with ACE Scholarships as chair of the Associate Board and sits on the Board for Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation.