Our Comprehensive Care Team

Our on-site team includes midwives, doulas, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractic care, massage therapy,  family counselors, lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators and more, all working together to support you and your family through every aspect of your experience. We are all in one location!


Anne Willits

Lead CNM and Clinical Director


Tiffany Buss



Tahlia Carpenter



Stormy Dupree

RN, Student Certified Nurse Midwife


Dr. Melissa Schiefer



Ashley Walsh

IBCLC Lactation Consultant


Michelle Murray

CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator


Megan Palsgrove

Family Services Coordinator

Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell, BS, NTP

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Hygge Birth and Baby Co-founders, Tara Duncan and Miki Tynan

Hygge Birth and Baby Co-founders, Tara Duncan and Miki Tynan

The Story of Hygge Birth and Baby

Tara and Miki met in 2006 while working at the same employee benefits firm. They became close friends and a second family to each other.  They also had a shared vision for empowering women, supporting communities and a desire to start a company that would have a lasting impact on the community.   After experiencing four very different births between the two of them, Tara and Miki found themselves serving as sounding boards for other women, and their passion for birth work began.  Bringing together their unique understanding from their own births with their passion and commitment for expanding choices available to women, they completed their doula certification and started working as doulas, helping women to create their own ideal birth experiences. As doulas they were immediately struck by how great the need for additional resources was for families.  Passionate about educating women about their health, pregnancies, choices in childbirth, breastfeeding and family life, they set out to create a company that had all the aspects of hygge.

Hygge, as Tara and Miki found, was the perfect word that describes the deep sense of peace that comes with being surrounded by relaxing settings, family, and love. Hygge Birth and Baby was born!

In addition to Hygge Birth and Baby,  Miki sits on the board for ACE Scholarships and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, and Tara sits on the board for Work Options for Women.

Tara Duncan.jpg

Tara Duncan

Owner, Co-Founder and Hygge Doula

Tara M. Duncan is a mother, attorney, doula and business woman who is passionate about empowering women, especially around birth and family. She recently resigned from the corporate world of Employment Law, where she primarily worked with Employee Health and Welfare Benefits to follow her passion for birth. Tara believes in empowering women through support and education before, during and after childbearing. She believes that empowered women, lead to empowered families and that is the foundation for an empowered community.

Tara and her husband Malik have two girls, Austin who is 10, and Evan who is 8.   Tara is a member of the Board for Work Options for Women . She enjoys the outdoors, living an active life, and experiencing as much Hygge as she can, as often as she can!

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Miki Tynan

Owner, Co-founder and Hygge Doula

Miki B. Tynan is a mother, doula and business women who through many experiences and conversations about birth found her deep passion for providing women and their families with births of their own, not one that is defined for them by others. This drive compelled her to become a doula and then open Hygge Birth and Baby.  As a doula she works with families to bring their babies into the world each with their own unique birth story.  

Miki and her husband John have two boys, Chase who is 4 and Luke who is 2.  She enjoys sports, being with her boys, and participating in her nonprofits. She works with ACE Scholarships as chair of the Associate Board and sits on the Board for Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation.